About Us

About Us

Kaygee At Home is a renowned interior design and events company with over 17 years of experience in providing a full spectrum of services in interior décor solutions, custom furniture design and manufacturing, fittings and events for corporate and residential clients.
Our team of skilled, creative and dedicated professionals provide a bespoke design service. We handle each client’s requirements on an individual basis to deliver cost-effective solutions. The carefully considered combination of functional space planning, colour and texture, proportion, scale and lighting is key to our core design principles.
We recognize the diverse needs of our clients, working closely with them ensures that we understand their personal style and requirements. We use these insights to guide us in providing a practical solution which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
Our inhouse manufacturing team crafts each unique piece of furniture to perfection. Our range of manufactured items include, headboards, couches, curtains, table cloths, and scatter cushions.
Over the years, we have formed exceptional partnerships with contractors and suppliers. This allows us to deliver complete services and products from conception to completion.
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Each project in the Kaygee At Home por tfolio – chic executive offices, sprawling private residences, restaurants, corporate events, weddings and numerous other distinctive spaces and events – begins with a definitive design concept formulated in par tner ship with the client. The carefully considered combination of functional space planning, colour and texture, propor tion, scale and lighting is key to Kaygee At Home’s core design principles and enhanced by ser vice built on close client collaboration and responsiveness.


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